Fortune Island – Travel Guide and Journal

Our friend’s birthday was coming up, so what better way to celebrate a birthday than by the beach? So she decided that we go to Fortune Island in Batangas.

We’ve researched about the island before going there, and we found out that the island has Greek architecture like columns, an abandoned ship, and a place where we could go cliff diving.

After reading about all that, our minds were pretty much set to go there.

Tip #1: Take the Cavitex instead of SLEX

Our trip was set a day before our friend’s birthday, so we could wish her a happy birthday at the island come 12 midnight. We left Muntinlupa at about 12 PM and at about 2 PM we were off to Nasugbu. We took the Cavitex instead of SLEX because it’ll be much easier in terms of traffic and time frame.

Tip #2: Buy and bring all the things you need before going to the island

After getting lost on the way, drive-thru’s, and bathroom breaks, we got to the market near our resort and bought everything we thought was necessary like: food, ice, gallons of water, lots and lots of cigarettes, liquors, condiments, toiletries, coal, etc… because there were no shops or convenient stores in the island.

At around 5 PM, we got to our resort.


The resort was quite nice; it has a mini-bar, karaoke, chairs on the beach below shady trees, black sand beach just beyond the fence, and a volleyball net. After parking our cars and getting our things off of ’em, we went to the boat named “Islander” and sailed off to Fortune Island.

Otw to Fortune Island

The boat ride was fun but long. It took us 45 minutes to get to the island, and in that 45 minutes we saw a lot of awesome things like: seawater not yet breaking its surface tension, sunset peeking through the clouds, Fortune Island gleaming its beauty, going up and down and getting wet because of the strong waves, and singing in my mind Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat”

“I’m on a boat motherf*cker, don’t you ever forget”.

When we got there, few people have already set camp, so we picked a place far from them to have some privacy. Some of us set up tents, some unpacked things, others looked for big rocks where we could sit in and cook our food.

Our tents

Tip #3: Bring Benzene Alcohol and a lighter

When they had set up the grill, our friends couldn’t get the fire going because of the strong wind, so we had to improvise and find a better fire-starter. We looked around (good thing we brought flashlights) and found dry leaves, barks, and wood. Fortunately, our improvisation worked, and the coal had caught fire. It would be a hell of a lot easier if we bought alcohol and just set the damn thing on fire.

Cooking Pork chops

Tip #4: Bring tongs and other cooking equipment

One friend of ours cooked our meal with the help of a plies (we forgot to bring tongs), and the rest is history. After eating our delicious pork chops and Andok’s chicken, we decided to rest a little bit before filling our tummies with alcohol.

Cooking Pork chops

We laid out sleeping mats on the sand and lied down to look at the stars.

Seeing stars that many is rare in the city, so we took it all in and gazed at nature’s beauty.

After resting, it was finally time to drink!!!

We played lots of drinking games like: 369, Ping Pang Pong, King’s Cup, and iPuke. (I’ll write another article regarding awesome drinking games) We drank a looooooot, so basically our drinking group died down little by little. I was one of those who gave up because of drunkenness and tiredness. I went to sleep at around 2 AM.

Good morning, sunshine.

I woke up at about 6 AM with the sun rising. It was an awesome view. 

Sun rising

After shrugging off sleepiness, we went to the rocky formation beside the columns. The rocks were easy to climb but sharp. The climb didn’t take up much effort and the view from up there was just spectacular.

After roaming around and taking pictures, we went down and planned to enjoy the beach…planned.

Tip #5: S-U-N-B-L-O-C-K

The sun was almost at its peak, so it’s getting hotter by the minute. The beach was clear but the sand was rocky and shell-y. After taking a dip, a few minutes later something feels painful and itchy.

The beach had small jellyfishes that had an itchy and painful sting.

It was hard to enjoy the beach when you’re afraid of getting stung. Not only does it itch, it stays with you for a minute or so. The only thing keeping us from the water is the realization that it’s too hot if we went out… but eventually we had to get out the water and go tour the place more.

We went up to the columns and it amazed us seeing Greek architecture up close. Me and my girlfriend are huge fans of Greek Mythology so we were thrilled to see anything Greek. The columns were the only thing on the island giving shade, so we stayed there for a couple of minutes and just took pictures. There were statues of lions and Greek goddesses there as well.

Tip #6: Bring huge-ass umbrellas

At the time we went down, it was like 10 AM, and the sun was ablaze.

I wanted to go and cliff-dive now to release some steam, but the plan was to load our things on the boat then go cliff-diving.

That’s where everything went south.

It was too hot to do anything. We were being barbecued.

So the only thing to do is go the cold beach and get stung by the jellyfishes. I just wished we brought those big umbrellas used by vendors on the streets.

We called our boat to pick us up and tour the island, but it took them 2 hours before they could arrive.

When they finally arrived, we had found out that there were two other passengers to be taken back with us.


We didn’t get the chance to cliff-dive and see the shipwreck because of them. We missed the biggest activity to do on the island. I was pissed but we had no choice.

We set off to the resort where another tragedy struck us…

The room they assigned us to had no water.

What the actual f*ck?

We now had to wait in line for the public wash room, another bummer.

So after waiting for half an hour, we showered, cleaned up, and drove off home.

Tip #7: Make sure your itinerary is well-planned

When I got home, I figured out what was wrong with our trip… our time of arrival is a bit later than recommended, which is what led to the said certain events. Next time I go there, I’ll plan to get to the island exactly at 3 PM while the sun’s still out, and do all the touring. Then I’ll wake up early, do the cliff-diving and go home at like 8 AM.


We didn’t get to do the thing we wanted to do the most because of a contingency (those two friggin’ strangers).

But, Fortune Island, I’m coming back to you and I’m going to explore the hell out of you.

 Our budget for the entire trip: Fortune island budget


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