Lago De Oro – Travel Guide and Tips

It was 4 A.M. when I texted my friend what are his plans for the day, he told me they were planning to go to Lago De Oro and go wakeboarding. Me and my girlfriend hadn’t slept yet because we were up all night watching the first season of Kuroko No Basket, so I was still deciding whether to go or not. Then I thought…

I can sleep for eternity when I’m dead, let’s go and make some memories now!

Tip #1: If you’re going to drive sleepless, drink some coffee or energy drink.

So we drove for 2-3 hours to our friend’s house in Lipa, and decided to rest for a while because we needed the energy for wakeboarding.

Tip #2: Go fill that tummy because you’ll need a lot of energy.

After our 2-hour rest, we ate lunch and stuffed our bellies because we knew we were going to need it, then we decided to go to Lago De Oro.

Hello Lago De Oro!

Lago De Oro was a huge place, it had: 2 swimming pools (One for kids and another for adults), sauna, playground, entertainment lounge where you can play Billiards and Darts, restaurant, beach right outside, nipa huts, and the amazing wakeboard parks (One for beginners and one for professionals) where celebrities have played at.

So after parking our car, we immediately went to the lobby and paid for a one-hour session which costs 380 pesos (280 actually because they give you a baller worth 100 pesos which you can return at the end of the session). We settled our food, drinks, and all other things by the nipa hut (first-come-first-serve) which is free for guests.


It was 2 P.M. so you can imagine how hot it was. Even though you won’t feel the heat because you’re wet, believe me…after your session you’ll look like a friggin’ longganisa.

Tip #4: You can’t switch courses, so if you’re a newbie, go to the beginner’s course.

The nipa huts were close to the professional course wake park, so we decided to play there. We actually thought you could switch wake parks at the half of your time… we were wrong.

Almost all of us were newbies so you can pretty much imagine what happened.

Tip #5: STRETCH!

Before going out for your first try, be sure to do some stretching. This sport requires your upper body the most, so focus on that area.

After stretching it was finally time to wakeboard!

Most of us couldn’t get up even though we’ve had numerous tries, that’s when our friend who’s a regular there told us to try the kneeboard. And I’ll tell you, it’s much easier than wakeboard.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Tip #6: Follow instructions carefully!

Before playing, the instructors told us that when we fall, we must go to the nearest stairs and try not to go up the sides because there’s sharp coral reefs there…he was right.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

In one of my runs, I fell in midway of two stairs which were both far, so I tried to climb up the sides which was a very bad idea. A bad idea indeed…

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

After all the fun, our time was up, so we packed our bags and went to the swimming pool to have more fun! We were like kids who haven’t seen a pool in a long time, it was awesome.

After tiring ourselves with jumping and taking pictures by the pool, me and my girlfriend decided to see the sunset just looming over the beach.

It was a spectacular sight.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

After taking pictures by the beach, it was time for shower… A.K.A. hell.

It was so damn hard to take a shower when all of your muscles have tensed up. It was hard to reach every part of your body. Every move you make is painful. It was the worst shower I’ve had since I was alive.

After the hellish shower, we packed all our stuffs, ate dinner, and headed home.

It was an awesome day.

What started out as an anime marathon turned out to be a spontaneous epic tiring day.

Here’s a breakdown of all the expenses on the trip.



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