7 Things That Always Happen When You’re Late

1. All traffic lights will turn red.

Whenever you’re not in a rush, all the traffic lights are green, but when you’re in a rush, they will always turn red. It’s as if someone out there is out to get you.

2. The jeepney gases up.

When late, you will always ride a jeep that is going to stop for gas. The worst thing is the gas boy, he will be as slow as possible at this time-crunching moments.

3. The jeepney driver will always, always, stop whenever he sees people from the sidewalk.

These drivers will stop every time they see a human being at a sidewalk, even though he knows the person won’t fit anymore…it doesn’t matter! They’ll say “Kasya pa tatlo! Sa gulong yung dalawa; yung isa sa bubong!”

4. There’ll be an accident or your bus/jeep will break down.

When late, there will be an accident somewhere I guarantee it. It maybe two reckless drivers going at it, a car broke down, or worse… your jeep/bus breaks down and causes the congestion.

5. People will walk as slowly as possible in front of you (Same goes for cars.)

Whenever you’re running for dear life because of the time, you’ll always encounter people in front of you walking like snails.

6. You will forget something important.

When you’re late, your mind is in dissaray; so when you’re in a rush, you will always forget something. Worse part of it is that the thing you forgot is very crucial to your day at school.

7. THE WORST ONE. You’re late and you have the urge to drop a massive poop.

You know the feeling when it’s cold inside the bus and you hear nature calling you…and you’re late?

You are so screwed.

I don’t know why this always happen when we’re late. Good job, digestive system…good freakin’ job.


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