40 Awesome TV Shows Every 90’s Kids Remember

1. Powerpuff Girls

Why it’s awesome: Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. Chemical X. Boom! Powerpuff girls. They’re as awesome as they are cute. Just watch them beat Mojo jojo, Gang Green Gang, Rowdyruff Boys, and pretty much every villain every time. Powerpuff_Girls

2. Dexter’s Laboratory

Why it’s awesome: Being a genius at an age like that and having a secret laboratory with tremendous amount of inventions is every kids’ fantasy back then… Along with a nemesis like Mandark and annoying but loving sister like DeeDee. Still don’t know how Dexter hides the electric bills from his parents since a lab like that must cost a lot! Dexer And of course… The Justice Friends! tumblr_m7y1o0eLZl1qbsjqno4_r1_500

3. Tom and Jerry

Why it’s awesome: Other than pissing each other off in a funny way, Tom and Jerry represents our maturity I think. When I was a kid, I always rooted for Jerry because I couldn’t understand why Tom was always so cranky at him. Now that I’ve grown up, I’m actually sympathizing for Tom for all the sh*t he had to go through. Tom and jerry

4. Looney Tunes

Why it’s awesome: Having a cast full of wit is what made Looney Tunes very entertaining. Have Bugs Bunny say “What’s up, doc?” or Daffy Duck’s “s” words become “eth” is just plain funny. Imagine what the rest of the crew can do when they’re all in one skit. Looney tunes

5. The Flintstones

Why it’s awesome: The opening theme song itself is awesome, now add the dinosaurs, mammoths, saber-tooth cats, other extinct animals plus the technology translated to rocks, stones, furs, and manual labor. And don’t forget their awesome wordplays like: “Mick Jadestone and the Rolling Boulders” for “Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones”, “Count Rockula” for “Count Dracula”, “Sand-and-Stony-o” for “San Antonio”, among many others. Flintstones

6. Scooby-Doo, Where are You?

Why it’s awesome: SCOOOOBYYDOOOOBYDOOOO!. Aside from the obvious doobie reference, there is a lot to this cartoon. A gang of teenagers with a detective dog that loves his scooby snack, solving mysteries about ghosts, ghouls, poltergeists, and other supernatural being is awesome enough… now throw in their psychedelic and flowery mystery van, it’s just plain cool. It never occurred to us kids that they bust the bad guys everytime, and the bad guys are always human beings I think it teaches kids though that bad guys aren’t ghosts or ghouls, but human that we can face. Scooby doo

7. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Why it’s awesome: A cowardly dog that always save the day because he loves his owners, Eustace as well, I think. Though sometimes the bad guy in the cartoon is kinda (or super) creepy, it was still entertaining to watch…especially when something scares the bejeesus out of Courage. As a theory pointed out, maybe Courage, having old owners, hadn’t gone outside because his owners were too tired so he thinks they’re in the middle of nowhere. Also, everytime a bad scary guy is there, Eustace and Muriel is calm so maybe these bad guys are just in a dog’s perspective. Courage

8. Johnny Bravo

Why it’s awesome: Because it’s Johnny-freaking-Bravo that’s why. His hobbies mainly are: women, girls, chicks, and don’t forget…babes. Known for his large upper body and his gravity-defying blonde hair, this macho man is full of confidence but still strikes out with women. Every. Single. Time. Johhny Bravo

9. Popeye

Why it’s awesome: This cartoon taught children how to eat their veggies. It showed that when you eat veggies, you’ll get immensely strong and can defeat guys that want to steal your wife away from you. Also what’s cool is Popeye’s humongous arms. Popeye

10. Totally Spies

Why it’s awesome: These teenage fashionable spies taught us that you can defeat an enemy with style using your resources, wit, and a little help from Gerry. Totally spies

11. Martin Mystery

Why it’s awesome: The Ben 10 of our generation, though he doesn’t transform into alien, he can kill one with the tools coming from his watch. Along with him a stepsister than can contain his crazy and a 200,000 year old javaman for muscle. Martin Mystery

12. Kim Possible

Why it’s awesome: A teenager spy saving the world with his lovable and geeky sidekick and a computer genius at her side… How could it not be awesome? Especially when you see Ron and Rufus eat a burrito, don’t deny that your mouth gets water-y! And those cool twins that invents insane guns or contraptions. Her nemesis Dr. Drakken with his sidekick Shego is just the Joker to Kim’s Batman. kim possible

13. SpongeBob SquarePants

Why it’s awesome: Who doesn’t love cheeky SpongeBob who loves pretty much everything? This yellow sponge pants-wearing is entertaining in infinite ways imaginable like: with his bubble blowing skill, his angelic voice when singing, and endless talent to piss off Squidward along with his bestfriend Patrick. spongebob

14. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Why it’s awesome: A boy genius like Dexter that we kids yearn to be, what’s not to like? He has a robot dog like Inspector Gadget, one bestfriend who is slow, and another who is hyperactive. Their group dynamic just works for the better for this cartoon. jimmy neutron

15. Bananas in Pajamas

Why it’s awesome: Two big bananas talking in freaking pajamas that has twin connection. When the other one thinks of something, the other one automatically thinks of it too… Kinda like the shining twins. Bananas in pajamas

16. Cow and Chicken

Why it’s awesome: Siblings that are so hard to believe that we just go along with it. Their misfortunes caused by scams  of the Red Guy which causes them to show their character: Chicken, a neurotic; and Cow, a calm albeit illogical one. Cow and chicken

17. That’s So Raven

Why it’s awesome: She has visions from the friggin’ future! Not only is this show funny, but they tackle some serious issues as well like: the standard size for models or bullying. Her family and friends just makes the show more funny, especially Chelsea. That's so raven

18. Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Why it’s awesome: They’re kids that lives in a hotel! Just imagine the room service fee we have to pay if we were to live that way. Also, I like how they didn’t do a stereotype of Blondes and Asians. London was a clueless Asian and Maddie was a Blonde who wasn’t dumb. Suite life

19. Drake and Josh

Why it’s awesome: Another sibling show that makes us laugh out loud with their punchlines, delivery of lines, and throwing of angry lines at each other. Drake and Josh

20. Legends of the Hidden Temple

Why it’s awesome: Every kid who watched this wanted to be on it. It was a good game that challenges your teamwork via awesome games. Everybody loved the final game which is the maze! Back when I was a kid, I remember shouting at the T.V. “Go left! Not that way! Nooooo!” Legends of the hidden tempel

21. Power Rangers

Why it’s awesome: It’s teenagers with awesome powers, costume, robots, and weapons; what’s not to like? Oh, and Kimberly ❤ Power rangers

22. Pokemon

Why it’s awesome: I don’t think I need to explain why this show was awesome. POOO-KEEE-MOOOOON! Pokemon

23. Voltes V

Why it’s awesome:How he defeats enemies with the same move every time and I never even noticed it. Also, his ultra-magnetic top.Voltes V

24. Masked Rider

Why it’s awesome: It’s guys that transform into masked men with superhuman strengths with motorcycles! Mask rider

25. Ultraman

Why it’s awesome: A super-humanoid fighting monsters and when beaten, becomes a huge-ass super-humanoid that can carry a friggin’ dinosaur.Ultraman

26. Flame of Recca

Why it’s awesome: His dragons and how he learned to control them; And each ability of these dragons.Flame of recca

27. Ghost Fighter

Why it’s awesome: Eugene’s Ray Gun, Alfred’s sword, Vincent in general, and Dennis’ rose whip…and also their spirit transformations. Ghost fighter

28. Digimon

Why it’s awesome: How their Digimons evolve and how they can Mix one Digimon to the other with DNA Digivolve. Digimon

29. Dragonball Z

Why it’s awesome: See how Krillin die and be revived again and again and again… How Goku can never be replaced and how he used the Spirit Bomb on a foe, which took 5 episodes but missed. Their fight scenes are awesome, how they teleport, and pretty much how they beat each other up.Dragonball

30. Slamdunk

Why it’s awesome: Who doesn’t like sports-themed cartoons?Slam dunk

31. Lupin the Third

Why it’s awesome: It’s a playboy who steals stuff with gumption. What made me watch this cartoon was Fujiko’s body.Lupin the third

32. Beyblade

Why it’s awesome: It’s like a top but has greater aesthetics and releases beasts from within which is awesome…wish it could happen in real life though. Beyblade

33. Yu-Gi-Oh

Why it’s awesome: The Egyptian relics and the animation of the cards that they battle with that we still wish could really happen. Yu gi oh

34. Sailor Moon

Why it’s awesome: It’s teenage girls having powers from the planets… and their sexy outfits too. Sailor moon

35. Card Captor Sakura

Why it’s awesome: A girl that catches monster or spirits that turns into cards and these cards, she can use to battle other monsters… And the cards! Card Captor sakura

36. Hunter x Hunter

Why it’s awesome: Killua. Nuff’ said. Hunter x hunter

37. The Amanda Show

Why it’s awesome: Back when Amanda was not a trainwreck, she entertained us with millions of witty skits, thus the awesomeness of the show. Amanda

38. The Adventures of Jackie Chan

Why it’s awesome: Cartoon Jackie Chan fighting bad guys collecting talisman that has powers from the Zodiac signs! Jackie Chan

39. Detective Conan

Why it’s awesome: In contrast to Lupin the Third, I can’t not put Conan here because he’s the best detective there is, bad thing is he never gets the glory. Detective Conan

40. Recess

Why it’s awesome: Represents our kiddie fantasies that we love to create mischief but always, always gets caught.Recess


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