30 Bands That 90’s Kids Listened To In High School

1. My Chemical Romance

Of course I had to put this band at first! We listened to them not just in high school but even way back when we were in elementary. We all dressed in black, put eyeliners and black nail polish just to look like Gerard Way (which is impossible since he’s a god). We muttered the lyrics to their songs which played almost everyday on Myx and MTV.

Memorable songs: Helena, I’m not okay, Welcome to the black Parade, and Famous Last words.


2. The Used

Their lyrics just spoke to all Emo kids back then. Listening to Bert scream “NICER!” at the end of Buried Myself Alive is just beyond orgasmic!

Memorable songs: All That I’ve Got, Blue and Yellow, Smother Me, and Buried Myself Alive.


3. Story of the Year

I remember being a sophomore in and listening to nothing all day but Until The Day I Die, which I think was a very sweet song… I still do.

Memorable songs: Until The Day I Die and Anthem of our Dying Day.


4. Alesana

The band that really took Emo kids in hiding to come out. With Dennis’ amazing growls and Shawn’s high notes… now mix that with their skinny jeans, black long sleeves, and red ties. Ugh… and don’t say you didn’t notice the guitar going over and around the guitarist like 3 times in the music video of Ambrosia at the 1:13 mark.

Memorable songs: Beautiful in Blue, Ambrosia, Goodbye Goodnight for Good, and The Last Three Letters.


5. Taking Back Sunday

The day I heard the wittingly named “Cute without the E”… I was hooked. Adam’s high pitched voice is what really made me curious about the band and their songs. And listening to Make Damn Sure’s “Well I just wanna break you down so badly…in the worst way!!!” is just plain awesome.

Memorable songs: Cute Without The “E”, Make Damn Sure, This Photograph is Proof.


6. Secondhand Serenade

This band really exploded when I was a sophomore. With John’s angelic voice and sweet serenading (No pun intended) lyrics everybody had this band on their playlist nonetheless! It’s pretty hard to believe it’s just one guy doing all the work.

Memorable songs: Vulnerable, Fall For You, I Hate This Song, and Like a Knife.


7. Boys Like Girls

The band that gave our shenanigans a song such as The Great Escape. We all envied the party they had at the Thunder music video (Especially the kiss underwater) and wished we could do all these things. Again… The high pitched voice captured all our ears and made us scream with the phrase “YOUR VOOOICEEE“.

Memorable songs: Thunder, The Great Escape, Hero/Heroine, and Love Drunk.


8. We The Kings

The band that i went to 3 concerts here in the Philippines. The band that everyone had on their playlist… we just couldn’t resist the melody of this band and, of course, Travis’ awesome hair. I think this band was the band of our whole sophomore year along with All Time Low.

Memorable songs: Check Yes Juliet, Skyway Avenue, and Secret Valentine.


9. All Time Low

This band just rocks our socks off. I know you know their songs well enough that you even know the cough at the start of Dear Maria. Their songs just represents our teenage fantasies like partying, going to the beach, and falling in love.

Memorable songs: Dear Maria Count Me In, The Beach, Six Feet Under The Stars, and Poppin’ Champagne.


10. Escape The Fate

With the golden age of Emo, Escape The Fate just rose up from the scene. We all know the chorus to Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche… and Max!!! Max effin’ Green. Oh. My. God. And don’t deny you replayed the Situations music video again and again and again

Memorable songs: Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliché, Situations, and The Guillotine.


11. Fall Out Boy

This band is still pretty fvcking awesome, but before, along with Pete Wentz’ eyes full of eyeliner and Patrick’s sideburns, they rocked our playlists too. Even now, when you play “Sugar, We’re Going Down” everybody will freak the fvck out and sing!

Memorable songs: Dance Dance, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, and Sugar We’re Going Down.


12. Panic! at the Disco

The band that made us love their cabaret feel and mouth along lyrics most of us can’t and don’t understand… still, we loved their awesome songs. With Brendon’s voice, which has an unlimited range, you just can’t take your earphones off when listening to them. And… their awesome titling of songs, albeit long.

Memorable songs: I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, Build God Then We’ll Talk, I Constantly Thank God For Esteban.

13. Saosin

Back when Anthony Green was still the vocalist of this band it was very popular in high school to Emo kids. Anthony’s unimaginable voice in Seven Years along with the acoustic version… it’s just to die for.

Memorable songs: Seven Years and Mookie’s Last Christmas.


14. Paramore

Ahh… The band that influenced other bands with female vocalists. Hayley friggin’ Williams: The hottie of the Emo department. Her pretty face goes along with her amazing voice. We can’t deny how cool it was to see her hair color change pretty much every time we see her in their music videos.

Memorable songs: Emergency, Misery Business, CrushCrushCrush, and That’s What You Get.


15. Dashboard Confessional

This band just shouts Emo. We got hooked with their songs about the perfect night with “Hands Down” or songs about their loved ones like “Stolen”.

Memorable songs: Vindicated, Hands Down, Stolen, and Screaming Infidelities.


20. New Found Glory

The band that revived awesome songs from different era! Their genre of Punk just blends in with their beautiful renditions and of course… the awesome IAN GRUSHKA on bass.

Memorable songs: Glory of Love, My Friends Over You, Kiss Me, and Understatement.


21. Greenday

When talking about Punk music, who could forget Greenday? Their songs echoed throughout high school with passion. We all got Last Song Syndrome from Wake Me Up When September Ends!

Memorable songs: American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Good Riddance, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams.


22. Yellowcard

This band showed that rock music can be mixed with some soulful violin and still rock! We tried (And failed) to reach the part where Ryan sings “Here I gooooo!”

Memorable songs: Only One, Ocean Avenue, and Miles Apart.


23. Good Charlotte

This band with their genre of Pop Punk and the Madden twins just rocked our ears. Along with the electronic vibe of Dance Floor Anthem, it was just plain awesome. We also can’t forget when M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold joined Good Charlotte to sing The River.

Memorable songs: The River, Dance Floor Anthem, The Day That I Die, The Anthem, and My Bloody Valentine.


24. A Rocket To The Moon

A band that started as a musical experiment, Nick’s songs before was as awesome as the songs when he had bandmates. Firstly, their indie song’s electronic feel, cheesy lines, and sometimes songs for the broken just sparked our music interest. At first we thought Nick couldn’t sing without auto-tune but he proved us wrong when they released On Your Side.

Memorable songs: Baby We’re Invincible, I’ll Be Your Sunset, Like We Used To, and Mr. Right.

25. Owl City

We all got the Owl Madness when Adam Young revived the electronic music scene. His catchy tunes, flowery lyrics, and melodic voice got us all listening to his songs without a sweat.

Memorable songs: Fireflies, Strawberry Avalanche, Vanilla Twilight, and Rainbow Veins.


26. NeverShoutNever!

Christofer Drew’s childlike voice and awesome riffs with his acoustic guitar got us all hyped up like his songs were party songs. Not only were his songs about love, he also talked about politics, family problems, and teenage problems.

Memorable songs: BigCityDreams, Trouble, Can’t Stand It, and YourBiggestFan.

27. Silverstein

Back to the Emo genre, this band just spells out genius. Shane Told’s voice for singing and screaming were simply wonderful, the band’s overall sound was totally cool, and the lyrics of their songs, anybody can connect to.

Memorable songs: Smile In Your Sleep, My Heroine, Call It Karma, Smashed Into Pieces, Discovering The Waterfront, and Still Dreaming.


28. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Were you waiting for this band? Of course I wouldn’t forget the band that made us all scream and was the face of Emo for us back in the day. The band that taught me how to scream their lyrics with angst.

Memorable songs: Face Down, Your Guardian Angel, Cat and Mouse, and False Pretense.


29. Typecast

The band I never thought was a Filipino band. Their lyrics are for the broken, I can guarantee you that. Don’t judge a book by its cover, because when you hear Badiola’s voice, you’ll be lost for words.

Memorable songs: Will You Ever Learn, The Infatuation Is Always There, and The Boston Drama.


30. Chicosci

The Filipino band that gave vampires an anthem and Emo kids to scream to.

Memorable songs: A Promise, Chicosci Vampire Social Club, 7 Black Roses, and Last Look.


Do you agree with my list or have I forgotten a few bands? Comment below \m/


3 thoughts on “30 Bands That 90’s Kids Listened To In High School

  1. Rocker Dude says:

    BLINK182- i miss you, every time i look for you (from American pie 2. bro how the fuck you missed it? 😀 nung HS ko lang to napanood kaya HS ko pa lang to nasimulan pakinggan 😀 )

    Sum41- IN TOO DEEP , With me, Pieces, walking disaster

    Our Last Night- Elephants, Deceiver, We will all evolve, Across the ocean

    Linkin Park- NUMB, Given Up, One step closer, Valentine’s Day, Breaking the habit, in the end
    Simple Plan- welcome to my life, PERFECT, Addicted

    Hoobastank- The Reason (eto lagi nasa top10 sa myx dati)

    The Calling – WHEREEVER YOU WILL GO, stigmatized, our lives (eto nasa top10 din sa myx dati 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karli says:

    Come on now, I still listen to most of these!! MCR, P!ATD, FOB, Greenday, Blink182, The All-American Rejects… All amazing bands that pretty much make up my playlist to this day


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