25 Types of Professors You Meet in Mapúa

1. The Jigglypuff

Professors who has a voice that immediately puts anyone to sleep.

The voice being said is almost all the time… monotonous.

2. The Professor X

Professors you get to hang out with and drink or party with.

These professors are more like the Project X of their generation.

3. The Suck-cessors

Professors that sucks in teaching. Nuff’ said.

4. The Ancients

Professors who’s almost as old as the school itself.

5. The Russian Roulette

These professors, sometimes you hate sometimes you love.

They give grades that you don’t really deserve albeit a passing or worse…

a failing grade.

6. The Sixth Sense

Professors who are absent most of the time without telling their students.

There comes a point in the term where you ask yourself how to do in your finals because it’s departmental.

7. The OT-obots

You love these professors because they only give out Old Testaments as exams.

8. The Chiller

Professors who chill out most of the time.

Gives out the notes or seatworks then chills in his comfy chair like it’s a hammock in a beach.

9. The Tamang Hinala

These professors are paranoid as hell.

Even when you’re not cheating in an exam (which most of the time, we students are) they act like we’re doing something under their radar.

They’re pretty much like the Abangers…

Watching closely and silently and waiting for the right moment to catch you!

10. The First Blood

These professors do not care if it’s your first year and first term at Mapúa, if you don’t reach their passing grade…

You will fail.



11. The Poop

Just like poop that we avoid at all costs, these professors are those you avoid because you know their background of being strict.

And when you do get these professors…

You’re just like “Poopang ina naman oh!”

12. The Easy A

Ahh… These professors are those who you befriend and in extreme cases flirt with just to get the grade you want.

13. The One

These professors are those who aren’t strict but are awesome in teaching.

They’re like the whole package.

14. The MS Officers

Professors who read an entire word file or powerpoint file.

As if we can’t read those at home. Ugh.

15. The Boardom

Professors whose bestfriend is the whiteboard.

They only talk to them, write on them, love them all the time that you end up being bored because you want these professors to talk to you and not the board. Duh!

Their priority is: Students <<< Whiteboard.

16. The Lola Basyang

I love these professors because they tell you all kind of stories during class!

You’ll feel like you’re in pre-school again because of these professors.

17. The Mapuan Crossed Lovers

Those professors who are married couples who were Mapúans when they were kids, fell in love in Mapúa, and still teach at Mapúa after they got married and had kids.

Yes. Both of them.

Which is awesomely a cool love story.

18. The Santa Claus

The professors who are giving out passing grades like it’s candy when it’s the Christmas season.

They’re like: “Ho-Ho-Ho! Dahil Pasko sige na hindi na singko grade mo”

19.The Cougar

Those professors that just makes you RAWRRR!

20. The Time Keeper

Professors who are never late and is never early in letting their students go.

On the bright side, you pretty much get everything you pay for in a course.

21. The Clutch

The Kevin Durant of professors.

These professors will come in class a minute or less before the most-awaited free cut.

22. The Hula Oops

These professors frequently asks their class “Tama ba guys? Ganito ba?”

They’re not sure what they’re teaching, so they guess what to teach.

And when they’re wrong…


23. The Surplus

These professors are so generous that when you ask ’em

“Sir, plus points ba yan?”

They agree without a second thought.

24. The Sirang Plaka

These professors have one particular word that they like to repeat over and over and over and over and over and over again.

25. The Virus

If The Poop is strict, wait till you get this one.

They’re Stricter than strict.

Inspired by Viru Shastrabudhhi or Virus of 3 idiots.

He’s conscienceless and tells his students that the only way to succeed in life is to trample other students.

Disclaimer: I’m not pertaining to anyone in particular in this article. It’s a collective opinion of my friends that helped me write this article. It’s not intended to offend anyone 🙂


11 thoughts on “25 Types of Professors You Meet in Mapúa

    1. gerardo magat says:

      These are Malayan Institute teachung pools, NOT PRIFESSORS. SAD YOU MISSE


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