25 People You’ll Meet in Mapúa

1. The Immortals

You know those students that have never received a failing grade and just a few units away from graduating? Yeah. Those people exist. I think they’re even rarer than a unicorn.

2. The Butaw

These people never seem to do anything. anything. they just rely on their classmates for answers. In group works, they just sit idly by while their groupmates do all the work. And sometimes, they’ve got the guts to ask you “Isn’t that done yet?”

3. The 555 Tuna

This is a sign of a true-blooded Mapuan. These people are second-takers, third-takers, or fourth-takers on a subject that had them stuck on their first years, like a tuna stuck in can.

4. The Suck-cessors

You hate these people… You’d rather have a butaw classmate than this one. The suck-up to the professors. They have all the pull and doesn’t matter if you’re higher than them on all of the exams, these people will always have a better grade than you.

5. The Zombie

The zombie is also known as the procrastinator. These people follow the “Due tomorrow, do tomorrow” motto of Mapuans. They spend all their day doing nonsensical things instead of studying, then study all-through out the night.

6. The Yaya

These are the people that you cannot, I repeat, cannot leave alone. In conyo speak: “They always yaya you to go somewhere, even when going to comfort rooms.”

7. The Project X

The people who has a high tolerance for alcohol and doesn’t seem to care what happens to his/her liver. They live for the party, booze, beerpong, and sex. Most of these people hang out at Taft during Happy Thursday.

8. The Frosh

These people always walk with groups, proud of their ID’s, can’t stop bragging about being a Mapuan, and wears shirts that always tells people that they are Mapuan. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

9. The All Bark, No Bite

These people act like they know everythingespecially when the professor is near them, but in reality is like a Butaw only louder and more annoying.

10. The Luneta Lovers

The people who make Mapua their own version of Luneta Park. You hate these people because they will walk slowly in front of you every damn time and show too much PDA along the corridor.

11. The Borrower Slip

The people who borrow things from their classmates like: ballpens, calculators, or textbooks; then when you ask for ’em back, it suddenly slips their mind that they’ve borrowed stuff from you.

12. The Instanotes

These are the people who never takes notes. These “photographers” don’t care if they’re blocking your line of view from the board just as long as they take their damn pictures.

13. The OT-obots

OTs or old testaments to these people are like their Bible. These people are so dependent on OTs that some of ’em actually memorized the whole thing and didn’t learn anything.

14. The Org-y

The org addict. These people never seem to run out of energy on participating in their orgs, they only run out of energy when they go to classes.

15. The Sixth Sense

Almost all of these people are the higher year in their classes. They make sure you feel their sixth sense… Their absence.

16. The Promdi’s

The people from provinces who brought their culture to the school. Be it being Batangeño on their accents or being Bicolano and their cravings for spicy food.

17. The Chiller

These people are like the happy-go-lucky kind of people, but they know stuff. They just choose to be passive about it. You know those people in the middle row, yup… That’s them.

18. The Sylvester Alone

These people are never with anyone, they don’t seem to have friends, and maybe some people don’t know they even exist.

19. The Mobile Crusader

The people who never listens to class and just uses their phones or tablets during their classes. Their fingers are pretty muscled-up from tweeting or playing during classes.

20. The Sleeping Beauty

These are the zombies that couldn’t take it anymore. They just don’t care where they sleep, these guys will sleep anywhere, even in classes. Especially during classes.

21. The Mr. Krabs

I think this maybe the worst people you’ll meet in college. The people who’re greedy for grades. They do not and will not share their answers with you even if you beg ’em. And when these people see the opportunity to take you down, they will take you down.

22. The Headturners

The people who should be walking on the runway instead of the halls of Mapua. The handsome and beautiful bunch of mapua who when walking, your head turns 360 degrees just to look at them.

23. The Smoke Belchers

These are your classmates that ask you to go to the yosihan even when the class isn’t done. They crave nicotine…it runs in their bloodstream.

24. The Hugot

The so-called cheaters who pull out cheat sheets during exam. These are the mission-impossible kind of people. Bad thing is they actually pass a course without learning anything from it. And they think they’re cool To quote lyrics from All Time Low: “You talk like you’re famous, you’re shameless”

25. The Rancho

These guys are pretty much once in every decade. These people do not care about the degree, future job, or money, they just care about learning. It is their passion. People like Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad from the movie 3 Idiots (if you haven’t watched it, I prefer you do) is this person.


37 thoughts on “25 People You’ll Meet in Mapúa

    1. jun antonio says:

      GALING! iba talaga mag-isip ang Mapuan na ito! I DESCRIBE MYSELF AS 555 TUNA, ZOMBIE,OT-OBOTS, SYLVESTER ALONE AND HUGOT! May kakilala din akong suck-cessors, mr. Krabs and Butaw na epal ang lipunan sa Mapua. hahaha. ANYWAY, sa nag-compose, JOB WELL DONE!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. ANONYMOUS says:

    Immortals exist. But rarer than unicorns? I’ve met more Immortals than I have ever seen a unicorn.. not so rare, perhaps? Still cool blog though.. Thank you!


  2. CoE2005*****8 says:

    Immortals during my time are people who reached the status where they cannot be kicked out of Mapua even if they fail all their load during that term. They are the people with 40 or less units left in their curiculum thus the term immortals. The immortals described here were called Anak ng Diyos as they haven’t failed anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vendentta says:

    Ang pagkakaalam ko ung “immortals” are the ones with below 60 units nalang. Yan ung dati. But now below 30 units na ang tinatawag na “immortal” tinawag sila na ganun dahil di na sila naa out. Yong walang bagsak iba ang tawag sa kanila.


  4. Karl says:

    This is Karl Ng from Makati-thanks for this; thus, an eye opener! I can pass my ENGII now not as being a BUTAW. Thank you Group 2-AYOI. You make my term. I am not a 555 Tuna but a 333/111. I am FREE–Goodbye ENG22! See you ENG12. Starbucks na tayo di na Project X.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 1998106114 says:

    not ashamed to be #24 but not proud as well.. 🙂 but the difference pinagaaralan namen yong hinuhugot namen… it’s what we call a back-up plan…


  6. COE 1998***303 says:

    Back in our time, OT-o-Bots are common but for a good reason. “WE” make it as a reference and and not the only source of our answers. We had one Physics Lab professor who saw an OT from our classmate’s bag and explained “Kung gagamit kayo ng OT, siguraduhin nyo na may natutunan kayo, hindi lang basta nangopya kayo.”


  7. ODE says:

    What do you call Mapuans na laging kinokopyahan at handang magpakopya? Laging leader sa mga groupings… in short laging inaasahan…


  8. Ian says:

    How about the so called “solar boys” the one’s that who loves ballin’ under the sun, in front the school grounds and the recently built doghouse during our time. After ballin’ will go straight to their classes all sweaty and some are smelly. Was a part of that group during 1st-2nd yr. haha!


  9. Nelson Trinidad says:

    ‘Am speechless and somehow DISCONNECTED, and the JARGON amuses me. Perhaps because I graduated in 1984. Nice read though….


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