25 Signs That You’re a Mapuan From Intramuros

1. You know who Blondie is.

And her BAT or Blondie Added Tax. So prepare your extra money when buying at the bookstore if she’s the cashier.

2. CPR is definitely different from Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

You know those 200 items of pure solving? Yeah. We have those here in Mapua Intra.

3. You sang the MIT hymn because you have no ID.

You got stopped by the guard and he/she let you keep your ID but in return you gotta sing the Mapuan Hymn.

Don’t deny that the only lyrics you know are: “For the M, and the I, and the T!!!”

4. It’s always rush hour at 4th floor West Building.

No matter what time it is, that floor looks like the personification of EDSA.

5. You miss the South entrance.

Remember those good ol’ days when you were a frosh and you’ll sit by the seats at the entrance? Yeah. I do too.

6. You know the “Left-Exit-Curse” at the South Entrance.

You’ve heard your friends before telling you that if you pass through the left side of the exit, you’ll fail one or more of your subjects. Guess majority of Mapuans exited on the left side haha!

7. You know it’s a nightmare talking to registrars.

It’s like speaking with the Grim Reaper himself but worse. Doesn’t matter if you ask nicely, they’ll answer you like Snape does… slowly and with spite.

8. If you heard “Similarity!!!”, “Soya idol! Soya malamig! 25 lang!”, and “Taho!!!”

The moment you step out of Mapua you’ll hear these words for sure.

9. You know who kuya ice cream is.

The famous kuya ice cream right beside Mapua. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out a lot!

10. You don’t know what the hell SUSPENSION is.

There you are going to school while your buddies from other schools are sleeping heavily at their homes safe and sound.

What a bummer.

You’re just hoping the mayor cancels your class because you know the school won’t.

11. You’ve faced hell and high waters just to attend your class.

Doesn’t matter if there’s a typhoon, Mapuans are waterproof. Hell, we’ve swam to school just to take one quiz. Beat that.

12. You know who “LEADZ” and “JEBS” are.

The most-feared LEADZ (before known as LEADS) are a Math student’s worst nightmare because you know that you can’t slack with these professors.

JEBS, on the other hand, are a student’s paradise when it comes to professors. These are professors who are more understanding (if you know what I mean) when it comes to their students.

13. If you don’t know whether a person is a student or a professor.

Professors like sir Dimaunahan or sir Quinto are one of these professors to name a few. So be very careful when addressing people at school.

14. You know what an Old Testament is… and not the one in the Bible!

We future engineers are famous for being resourceful and here we are practicing them. Old Testaments or OT’s are copies of past student’s seatworks, homeworks, quizzes, and even finals.

Don’t act like you haven’t used one of these before.

15. You hate profs that only read powerpoints! Ugh…

You met those professors who read throughout the entire powerpoint with a gazillion slides. I hope they realize that we can do that in the comforts of our own homes. And to think we actually pay ’em for the lecture.

16. Your idea of a hangout place is J’s, Mcdo, Cioccolatta, Kitchen Basic, walls, Bangketa Plates, MaBu, Faustina, or the kantunan.

You know you have to eat somewhere close yet delicious because you only have 1 hour and 30 minutes of break time.

17. You know the call “ANG CUTE CUTE!!!”

The most famous call going up the underpass on the way to school. Still haven’t figured out how cute cute translates to pier.

18. You get your plenty of exercise going up and down the fourth floor.

Worst part is when your professor requires you to have a small quiz booklet and you forgot to buy one.

19. Your idea of a grocery and school supply store is Adams.

You know this store has it all… from T-squares to format paper to chips to food to computer shop.

20. You got sad when Paotsin closed.

You didn’t know how to feel when your favorite food stall closed. Good thing it wasn’t permanent because the students missed their Shark’s Fin.

21. When 10th week is approaching, every corner of the school becomes a bed.

I’ve literally seen people sleeping on the stairs and lying face down on the fire exit or during their classes. This is due to finals coming up, prototypes to be passed, and projects creeping up to the brim.

22. You know taking a pedicab is too expensive.

You know you’d rather walk from LRT to school instead of paying for 40 pesos that takes you just as much time to get to school. Sometimes, their 40 pesos becomes 80 pesos and when you get angry at ’em, they have the guts to get angry at you. dafuq.

23. When you buy water, ate always ask for 1 peso.

In #whogoat words:

You: “Binigay ko na lahat, nanghihingi ka pa ng sobra”
Ate: “Humihingi lang ako para masuklian ka ng buong buo”

24. You know what happens on the 4th floor North Building CR.

What happens on this CR, STAYS on this CR. It’s like a…thou shall not speak of things happening there, albeit ghost story or sex stories.

25. You’re a well-known crammer or procrastinator.

Other students don’t know how Mapuans cram.

Our motto: Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.

Good example is you… Reading this article instead of studying.


117 thoughts on “25 Signs That You’re a Mapuan From Intramuros

  1. Jendl says:

    Old Student number format 2001 1 202 32
    2001 – school year exam was taken for
    1 – Branch (theres only mapua in intramuros that time so 1 is mapua:main, probably)
    202 – Exam Batch Number (AV room 3 that time and date)
    32 – Seat Number

    ganyan pa rin kaya ang format?
    p.s. walang nagturo sakin na ganyan ang format pero of course hanggang ngayon tanda ko pa rin kung anong batch at seat number ko nung kumuha ako ng entrance exam dahil sa student number ko.


  2. ric muralla says:

    Meron kaming instructor na nagtuturo din sa UST… tanong namin kung ano ang pagkakaiba ng estudyanteng UST at MIT
    Yung mga taga UST , nag-aaral para matuto
    Yung mga taga Mapua, nag-aaral para pumasa


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