It’s More F***’d in the Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful place with terrible inhabitants. We have all the resources and what do we do with it?

I think the Philippines can do better, but what’s stopping us?

Our freedom. We’re too free… and in freedom there is chaos.

When Filipinos back then were being oppressed by Marcos, they revolted against him.

A “One-for-all, all-for-one” act.

It struck me, the people have too much power.

Filipinos made the president resign his post and replaced him with a housewife who studied law for only a year. What the f*ck?

And what’s another bad thing about having too much freedom?

We’re not scared of anything anymore.

(For fun, I’ll post laws that should be imposed by the government in my opinion.)

Filipinos jaywalk without the fear of getting hit by a car.

LAW NUMBER ONE: If people are hit on roads without pedestrian lane (except for subdivisions, villages, and the like), the driver should not be liable for their safety and health.

In the Philippines, it doesn’t matter whether you’re walking at a pedestrian lane or not, if you get hit, it’s the driver’s fault. So Filipinos everywhere are acting like they own the road when walking. They know driver’s will never hit ’em, cause then the driver will be liable for all the damage done.

We should change that, it’s obvious that people create traffic congestion. When we walk through the highway without using the pedestrian lanes, we cause an abrupt change of pace for the vehicles moving in their way.

Don’t be a douchebag.

Every human being has their own free will, they couldn’t reason out that they had no choice. Everybody has a choice, you’re just too lazy to go to the nearest underpass, overpass, or pedestrian lane.

Of course in every pedestrian lane there must be a stoplight, so that you could be entirely sure that you won’t get hit by a car.

Filipinos throw trash everywhere without the fear of getting fined.

LAW NUMBER TWO: For every trash that is thrown by a person, he/she will be fined 500 PHP; if said person doesn’t have the money to pay fine, he/she must do community service (Picking up trash, planting trees, etc.) for an hour.

It’s like the Philippines is one huge trash can.

The problem isn’t whether we use plastic or paper in our baggage…

It’s our disposal!

The making of a paper bag takes more energy than making 3 or more plastic bags. So how is that environmental friendly?

Filipinos should learn where to put their garbage.

Think of it as your house… if you had guests and threw garbage everywhere, would you like it?

Regarding my second law…

Why so large for a first offense?

If we give out warnings, Filipinos will just think “Oh… I could do this a couple more times before getting fined”, but if you fine them on-the-spot, they’ll never do it again.

If they can’t afford the 500-Peso fine, they would do community service for an hour. In that way, they help lessen the trash, they get their exercise, and they’d never throw trash on the ground again (Assuming they learned your lesson).

Filipinos have no fear of breaking the road rules.

LAW NUMBER THREE: High-Definition CCTV cameras should be installed everywhere. Any road rule violator will have their licenses suspended until he/she comes to the nearest LTO near him/her to pay their fine. Every week that he/she does not pay the fine, it increases by 2%.

LAW NUMBER FOUR: Law enforcers accepting bribes will immediately be fired.

Maybe the law enforcers are to blame?

When Filipinos are caught speeding, going right at a “No-right-turn zone” or driving without license what do Filipinos do?

Filipinos pay the law-enforcer with some cash just to get away from a bigger fine.

These so called “law-enforcers” accept the money never thinking about what they have done. They give drivers idea that when they break road rules, they can just pay you up and get away with anything.

Maybe LTO has to do a better job at testing people for their licenses?

Read more about LTO, their slow service and system here.

That is why we have bad drivers here in the Philippines, because of our system.

Informal settlers have no fear of settling anywhere.

LAW NUMBER FIVE: If informal settlers would not vacate the place that is owned by a person or the government by the given time (A week or two), force is allowed to be used to non-conformist.

It’s ironic how we’re one of the most populated country yet our country is small compared to others.

Filipinos from Visayas and Mindanao travel to Luzon and settle informally.

Luzon is full of informal settlers.

The funny thing about informal settlers?

They squat a lot or under a bridge, and when they’re asked to vacate the premises, they’ll get angry and act like the place was theirs.

They would rally, throw rocks at police, and tell the media that they’ve worked hard on the place, they have been accustomed to how they have lived there, bla bla bla.

The worst thing is when they’re forced to evacuate, the Filipino mass actually sympathize with them.

These are only some of the side-effects of freedom.

Maybe we need someone with an iron-hand to lead us again.

Maybe we need fear in order to restore order.

Maybe we need someone who tells us that we’re not his boss.

Or maybe… we could discipline ourselves and make our country a great nation as it is what she deserves.


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