Baler Day 2 – Travel Guide and Tips


The sound of the alarm waking us up at 6 AM. We decided to wake up early so that we can catch up on our itineraries.

We all got up by 6:45 and went to get breakfast at the city.

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Before going to Yaya’s for breakfast (Yes… again), we went to the park because there’s a good picture spot. There you’ll see huge block letters with BALER on it and in the back a huge monument to the 400 years of Baler.

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After eating breakfast, we headed to Mother Falls.

TIP NUMBER ONE: Don’t bring your car up unless your tires can withstand tremendous amount of rocky road.

There, you can take your car up to the parking 1.4 kilometers from the Mother Falls, but it’s very hard; so you have to park the car in a parking lot along the road and rent a tricycle along with the driver. One tricycle costs 200 PHP for a round trip, which in they’ll wait for you at the parking near the falls.

Going up in the tricycle, the road was very rocky. We saw cars going up and having a hard time, so the best way to go up is to rent a tricycle.

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When we got to the parking near the falls, we had to walk 1.4 kilometers to go up.

TIP NUMBER TWO: You don’t need a tour guide, even if it’s your first time, you can still reach the top without help.

There are people going up as well, so you could just follow them. There’s no other way anyway so you’ll see yourself to the top in about 30-45 minutes (depending on your stopovers).

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TIP NUMBER THREE: Don’t worry about getting hungry or thirsty along the trail, there are stores along the way. Or just bring empty bottles since there’s drinking water along the way.

Along the trail, there’ll be stores that sell slippers, T-shirts, drinks, and foods like Grilled Hotdog, Grilled Corn, Tokneneng, Arrozcaldo, EggCaldo and Palitaw.

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TIP NUMBER FOUR: Wear Aqua Shoes or slippers that can withstand the slippery feel of the stones.

Continuing our trail, we passed by several bridges made of Bamboo stalks (very strong material), drinking water straight from the falls, and crossed riverbanks. Some of us crossed the banks barefooted, which is not easy by the way, because there are stones that are sharp, rough, edgy, and moldy.

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If you’re planning to cross riverbanks using slippers, be sure that your grip is tight, because you might lose your slippers caused by the strong current (Like what happened to my friend, Andrew).


TIP NUMBER FIVE: If you see a trail going the hard way or easy way… Go the hard way.

Going up, we saw obstacles that are difficult to pass, but we pulled through. Sometimes, you’ll see easy ways like crossing a bridge instead of passing the banks, but where’s the fun in that?

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You’d wanna look back at your trip and say…

“Yeah. I did that the hard way”


TIP NUMBER SIX: If you’re planning to swim, don’t bring anything that you might not want to get wet (Like cellphones, wallets, etc.)

When we saw the waterfalls, it was magnificent. It was my first time seeing an actual waterfalls, so for me it was…


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Good thing before going up, we decided not to bring our towels and spare clothes; because if we had, they would have gotten wet.

TIP NUMBER SEVEN: The water is extremely cold!!! You might wanna try immersing your whole body under the water first to leave the coldness.

We saw a huge friggin rock and it seemed like a good spot to chill out and take a lot of pictures.

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If you plan to go there too, be very cautious in going up because the rock formation is very slippery. And when you’re going to rock-climb the bigger rock, look for holes to put your foot in; and go up and down slowly and carefully (or you might fall like my friend, Gelo).

TIP NUMBER EIGHT: Don’t try to get near the falls, YOU’LL NEVER REACH IT.

The current pouring from the falls is too strong for you to be directly underneath it. It’s also not advisable for you to go beneath the actual falls, as you might drown.

Swimming there was breathtaking, literally, because it’s cold. We swam for about an hour and took pictures with Gelo’s GoPro. It was cool because it was fresh water and it doesn’t hurt your eyes when you’re immersed at all.

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When we’ve had enough of swimming, we trailed back down and went to this mini falls we called “Baby Falls” (Get it? Because the other one is the mother? No? Okay.)

TIP NUMBER NINE: Assist your friends in crossing Baby Falls.

The Baby Falls can be seen in Franco’s “Better Days” which makes it so exciting for us (Some of us are huge fans of Franco). Be careful in crossing though, the current’s strong that it can take you downstream and you might get hurt.

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After Baby Falls, we went down the trail quietly since all of us were very tired. Going down isn’t easier than going up, you still have to do all the things you did going up. When we reached the parking lot, we went to pee first.

TIP NUMBER TEN: Be careful in peeing at the girl’s CR.

Alyssa went to pee at the CR and when she sat down she bumped her head at a coat hanger of sorts. So be very wary of your surroundings.

After the pee breaks, we traveled down by tricycle and went to the car. While the girls were getting dressed in the car, us guys took out our Penny Boards. The road along our parking is a good spot to skate as it is downhill. We played for a while and took pictures then headed to the car. We’re now about to have lunch at my aunt’s house.

It was just a few minutes away from the Mother Falls. When we got there we ate Blue Marlin fish, Chicken Adobo, Sinigang na Talakitok, and Fried Galunggong. After eating our yummy lunch, we went back to the lodge to rest for a while.

TIP NUMBER ELEVEN: If you’re a skater and about to skate at the beachfront, be careful of people passing by.

When we got back to the lodge, instead of resting, the guys played with our boards again. We did tricks, slides, and just cruised the straight line along the beach rails. We waited for the perfect moment that people are scarce before we set off on our boards.

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We waited until the tide calmed down and went to my uncle’s surf shop “Dehins” to do the thing Baler is most famous for.


TIP NUMBER TWELVE: Wear rash guards. And for girls who wants to wear bikinis, make sure it’s really tight as it can fall off.

Surfing is not as easy as it looks, you have to have control, balance, and strength to paddle the waves. I didn’t wear any rash guard because that’s how I saw actors do it on movies.


When you mount the board, it creates friction on your torso. What happened was my nipples got scratched and being submerged in seawater, it hurt like hell.


The best feeling when it’s your first time surfing?

The moment you can stand up on the board and really surf!

It took us 3-6 tries to successfully stand up our boards. When we did, it felt glorious. It was very tiring though! So after an hour or so, we rested on the shore and took pictures (Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take pictures while surfing).

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TIP NUMBER THIRTEEN: Enjoy the sunset, inhale the fresh air, and be one with nature.

Then, we went back to our lodge. All of us were going to take a bath, so me and my girlfriend went down the beach again and enjoyed the view. It was a romantic set-up for those couples out there. For single people, it’s a good place to sit out your thoughts and contemplate on life.

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After taking a bath, we ate dinner at Yolly’s near Mercury Drug. The food was okay-ish; we ate Beefsteak, Bulalo, Grilled Porkchop, Grilled Squid, and a watermelon. Then we had dessert at Alfonso’s, they serve pizzas and ice cream which were sumptuous but too sweet.

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We headed back to our lodge and slept, because we have another day of fun and adventure ahead of us.


Good night, reader 🙂


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