Tali Beach – Travel Guide and Tips

I study in a college where we have four semesters, like I said before. So when it comes to summer breaks, whenever my high school friends are having fun… I still have classes. Ugh.

So when my friend invited me to go to Tali Beach, I just had to say yes! (Had to go late though cause I have late-night Saturday classes *BUMMER*)

TIP NUMBER ONE: Use Waze (Like I’ve said before), don’t use the generic Navigation app.

I started my trip at around 8 PM and waited for my friends that have late-night Saturday classes too at Petron by SLEX. Of course I bought all the things I need at the convenient store. My friends finally arrived and we hit the highway. I was using my generic application “Navigation” on my phone, which sucked.

We got lost.

It was diverting us onto a road that leads back to manila, and then wants us to take a different exit, which would have taken us to the same route to Nasugbu. The application does not reroute, so we used Waze instead.

TIP NUMBER TWO: Listen to music when going to this place at night, and don’t forget to take a companion with you. Unless you want to have a different person beside you later on at the drive. (IT’S VERY CREEPY).

Going to Tali beach at night is very scary when you’re alone in the car. There are some roads that have no streetlights at all. The roads are zigzag, downhill and uphill, and it’s like a perfect place to dump a dead body in. Good thing we had tunes to listen to, like: FrancoUp Dharma Downand The 1975; so we weren’t that scared. Also… be careful in driving too fast because the roads are filled with strangely brave motorcyclists, they could crash to you because some of them are too fast.


We arrived at Tali beach at about 11 PM. We were fetched by our friends to the house we rented along Seaside Drive. We got lost on the way there and ended up at a different part of Tali beach.

We finally found the way to the house and it was a two-story house. The first floor was still up for renting, and we got the second floor.

It was very spacious.

There were three rooms, all air-conditioned. The first room had two beds, the second one had one king-sized bed and a bunk-bed, the third bedroom, I think, is the master’s bedroom. It’s the only room with one bed and its own bathroom, the other bathroom was a shared bathroom by the first and second rooms. There were a lot of tables, chairs, and sofas to chill in; the windows were large so it wasn’t hot out there, there were electric fans though; there’s a garden with a hangout place; the kitchen had a refrigerator, fully-functioning stove, and complete with cups, forks, spoons, knives, etc…

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TIP NUMBER THREE: Never arrange your class schedule to have a Saturday class, especially when it’s summer term. You’ll always be busy or late to events like this, which is a big fat  bummer.

When we got there my friends were already wasted and baked, so when we got to the house we did what any person would do after a long drive: EAT. We ate Liempo for dinner and S’mores for dessert. We then played a lot of games like: the classic Truth or Dare, Pusoy Dos, Poker, Tong-its, and spin the bottle.

ANOTHER OBVIOUS TIP NUMBER FOUR: Don’t listen to someone who’s baked HAHAHA.

The games would’ve been more fun if there was liquor. A baked friend of mine told me that there were no more ice. Drinking Emperador Lights and G.S.M. Blue without ice? We had to be freaking nuts. So we all did our games just with a bunch of Tanduay Ice, a ladies’ drink.

The next day while drinking mildew water, I asked if there was ice, the same friend of mine who was baked last night told me there was. So I asked him since when… he told me “Since yesterday.” I was like “What the actual F?”

TIP NUMBER FIVE: Don’t forget your slippers.

Some of us decided to go out and go to the beach and just relax. We went there by foot, and with me… literally by foot because I forgot my slippers.

We found a beach near our house and it was magnificent. The nature just speaks out to you when you’re at that place. There was a cottage there, obviously no other human being was there, but it looked like a spot for lovers and their lover activities. It was by Outlook Drive, and it was the perfect place to lie down at the beach, hear the waves, light up a smoke, and just sigh. Some of us were getting bored, so we head up home.

Then sooner or later, everybody got tired and went to bed.

TIP NUMBER SIX: If your goal into joining trips like this is to hook-up, never do it with high school friends. Friends are for friends, don’t cross the line. It gets awkward in the morning… kidding!

I went to sleep at around 5 AM and woke up at 7 AM because we’re going swimming and cliff diving. Whoo! This is the thing I’ve been looking forward to!

There were a lot of spots you could go on swimming and cliff diving around the subdivision, so when we got to our spot, Twin Island Drive, the one with the huge beautiful house near the cliff, I was pretty excited.

TIP NUMBER SEVEN: Wear goggles when jumping, don’t spread your legs (applicable to other situations too HAHA), be sure to really jump far away from the ledge, and be careful of the corals on the rocks you hold on to.

There were two cliffs to jump on, the first one was like 15 to 20 feet high, which we jumped to first. Looking at it by the distance makes it looks easy, but when you’re about to jump (especially when you’re afraid of heights) your balls feel like they’re about to go loose. It took me like 5 minutes to decide whether I was gonna jump or not…

I did and it was awesome!


When you dive, you don’t reach the bottom, which is so cool. Going up the rocks to climb up is hard, the surface of the rock is slippery because of the mold, and there are sharp corals there that could wound you. Like this…


The place was wonderful, the waves are strong enough to pull and push you where you are, the bright positive rays of the sun touches your skin, and it’s just like being one with nature. My friends and I, decided to jump off the other cliff, the one measuring about 30-40 feet from the ground, we decided who jumps off first by the sacred game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. I was the one to go last, which was a relief…

at first.

before jumping, all of us were kinda scared because when looking at the ledge, there were still rocky formation rather than just water. You had to jump forward so you won’t get hurt or probably die.

My friends did the jump eventually, but my jump took like 15 minutes of going back and forth, I was scared. It looked like 1000 feet looking to the water below me. But then people who were getting antsy, I think, started cheering for me to jump. Ugh. I had no choice.

Still… I don’t wanna go back thinking “What if I didn’t jump?”

So I did it.

The jump was spectacular.It was awesome-r­  than the other cliff. It was nerve-wrecking but also hell lotta fun. It took balls to do it (balls that may have curled up inside of me when I jumped).


When we had enough of that beach, we went to other spots of Tali beach along Bayview Drive. There was a simple beach, where you could enjoy swimming there without the fear of sharp corals, or drowning for that matter. There were downsides though… the water at this beach was itchy, and there was something definitely biting us which felt like being pinched by fingernails. It was rocky, the sand was semi-fine, and was a shade of dirty white. The temperature of the sea was fine, it was complimenting the heat of the sun. We stayed there just for like an hour or two because we need to check out at 2 PM.



Going home, we decided to eat at Balinsasayaw at Tagaytay, a restaurant with great ambiance, food, and choices where to eat (either in a nipa hut or casual dining rooms).

Going there, we had three cars, I thought my friends knew where we’re going because one friend at another car said he knew the restaurant. Turns out…

It was Balinsasayaw at Silang.

When we found out, it was already too late. It took them nearly two hours to go back to Tagaytay. Good thing they were still in a good mood, so we ate our mishap away.

We ate the best pork sisig of all time and some of them got their shakes and desserts.

It was a funny story looking back at it right now, but then it seemed like a bummer for them to be lost (We felt bad, of course).

Going home, there was still heavy traffic, so my friend told us to follow him in another route. A route to Muntinlupa I’ve never taken. It was along Silang, Cavite via Daang Hari.

Even with a different route, it took us nearly two hours to get home.

When I got home, I went directly to sleep.

It was a fun outing, though I have class tomorrow, who cares? 

The trip was awesome!

The budget for this trip? 2000 Php.


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