Land Transportation SLOW-ffice

Here I am at LTO in Biñan or Land Transportation office. This is where licenses are being processed. In this government office, everything you need to get a license is available. May it be medical tests, driving tests, insurances, or public officers making affidavits for lost licenses. Which is why I’m here for.

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I lost my license a couple months back because I lost my wallet. Now, you may be asking “Why are you just NOW duplicating your lost license? Why didn’t you do it immediately when you lost your license?”

You know why? It’s because the service is SLOW and I do not have time for that.


It takes almost half your day to complete the process; and being a college student at a quarterm system, I just didn’t have time. The only time I can take care of my lost license is now, our sembreak.

Every Filipino knows it’s a pain in the ass to get your license card. It takes about 6-7 hours… and that’s on a good day.

Sometimes you have to go to another LTO nowhere near your place because they don’t release licenses there or your record isn’t with them; and sometimes (and probably the worst is) you have to go back and forth because you’ve been cut off.

I’ve experienced this first-hand when I was getting my license, I spent my whole day just to get my license…which sucks.

Another thing that sucks about LTO?

Their so-called “written exam”

Take it from me…

You don’t even have to know traffic rules and regulations to have a license.

In the Philippines, we have certain people who “help” other people who wants to get their licenses faster.

These people are called “Fixers”.

“Fixers” take care of everything you need. They know someone from the inside so you can cut in line (which prolongs the waiting time for others), they take the tests for you (even the one where you answer questions about road rules and regulations), and they fill up forms for you. You just gotta pay their fee and you’re golden, which is wrong. Written exams are there to see if you really are competent to drive.

I happen to remember a saying I saw at their examination room:

Driving is a privilege not a right.

It’s illegal to be a “fixer” according to RA 9485 or Anti-Red Tape Act; but a lot of people don’t care if it’s illegal, just as long as they can sit back and relax (as if waiting for hours is relaxing!).

I know people who used “fixers” but they still gotta wait a butt-load of time to get their licenses (what a rip-off). So using “fixers” means they’re just going to wait with you, take exams for you, fill up for you, but they can’t change the pace of the system here which is, again, SLOW.

Now, why is the process so slow? Is it because of people behind computers that are too slow?

Or is it the other way around?

That the technology we use for this process (which is important for everyone driving here in the Philippines) too slow? Does the government have small budget for this office? (Which I doubt because it’s too expensive getting a license…even asking for a duplicate when you lost it.)


In my opinion, it’s the combination of both.

We should have servers with more bandwidth and that doesn’t go offline, faster computers, and people more familiar with the use of computers.

The servers from LTO Biñan, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, etc… Should be connected with their records. This way, people can go to the nearest LTO in their area and process their licenses easily; and the workers applying for the job using the computers should take a typing test like this one, and at least score 50-60 words per minute.

Hopefully, LTO processes would speed up, tests should be for real, and fixers should be taken care of for the greater good of all.


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